Daniel A. Myers III

Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture

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Dan Myers is a native Kansan, who has resided in Quincy, Massachusetts, for nearly 40 years. He is a distinguished teacher of portrait and figure sculpture at the  Quincy Art Association, and an associate member of the National Sculpture Society.   Dan’s passion is portraying the human figure, his exclusive subject.


He has the unique distinction of producing award-winning art in three different media:

Drawing (charcoal and pastel),

Painting (oil), and

Sculpture (both terracotta and plastilina). 

Dan’s favorite medium is sculpture. His figures can range from nude athletes, dancers, and allegorical figures to poignant portraits of parent and child. 

His signature painting style usually combines a famous painting (in miniature) within the context of the larger painting.  He has incorporated miniature paintings of Gauguin, Waterhouse, and Klimt in many of his figure paintings. Many of his figure drawings and paintings are directly related to his sculpture.

Awards and honors

He has won 15 First Prizes and numerous other awards for his work, including:

Best in Show, 2005:  Drawing, " Not All War Wounds Are Visible
(Thomas Crane Public Library Exhibit)

Best of Show, 2008:  Sculpture, “ Moon Goddess”  (Quincy Arts Festival)

Best of Show, 2009:  Sculpture,  " La Mer (Marina Bay Arts Affair)

Featured in Online Exhibit, 2010: Sculpture,   Amazing Grace (National Sculpture Society, Recent Works)Exhibits

Best of Show, 2011: Sculpture, “Faster, Higher, Stronger” (Thomas Crane Library exhibit)

His work has been on exhibit at the

Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts, Midsummer show and juried Alumni show (2010).  His work , “Amazing Grace,”was selected for exhibit by eminent sculptor, Sabin Howard.

Crump-McCole Gallery, Boston World Trade Center, at 200 Seaport Boulevard

Epiphany Gallery in Hull, Massachusetts

Dickinson Gallery at 1123 Main Street, Weymouth, Massachusetts  


Dan’s drawings, paintings, and sculptures are available as originals, prints, or sculpture editions. . In 2007, he completed a sculpture for the Children’s Library at the Thomas Crane Public Library in Quincy, entitled:

"Open the Window of the Imagination–Read!It is on view permanently at the library.

The sculpture was created to inspire children to read books that enrich their own imaginations and lead them to a lifetime of learning through great literature. It depicts a brother reading a Book of Wonder to his younger sister, accompanied by their dog and a regal Frog Prince.

For his sculpture commissions of individuals and family members, he requires good photographs and live sittings.  For drawing and painting commissions, a good photograph will do.

Studio tours and sculptures

Tours of his art studio in Quincy are available by prior appointment.  More than 150 pieces of original work in terracotta can be seen at his home studio. Four of these works have been cast in urethane resin and are on view and available for sale:

Me and My Shadow “

" In Memoriam: 9-11-01”

" Sandalina: a Wee Bonnie Lass

“Aphrodite’s Dream”

(Click on the links to view the magnificent details of these figures.)

More sculpture

Also on view at the studio are eight new figure sculptures, available for sale individually or in sets of four as figures in two separate fountains:

Aphrodite and the Three Graces” representing drawing, painting, and sculpture

“Fountain of the Arts” representing the arts of theatre, dance, music, and visual arts  (named Juliette, Shiva,  Eurydice,  and Painting Grace)

And another set of figures dedicated to children and the wonder of imagination:

Children’s Fountain of the Arts” includes children representing the visual arts, theatre, music, and dance (entitled  Jack, Master of the Sea, Sea Music 1 and 2,  The Joy of Life)

And a beautiful piece celebrating dance as a living embodiment of the sea, entitled

" La Mer” was cast in bronze by New England Sculpture Services in Chelsea, Massachusetts, in 2008, and is available in a limited edition of 20.  “La Mer” bursts from the sea with powerful grace and passion. She stands 2 feet high and was modeled from a world-class athlete and dancer.

In 2009, Dan captured Olympic gold medalist Nastia Liukin’s gravity-defying, gymnastic leaps in wall-mounted sculptures:

Amazing Grace” and “Faster, Higher, Stronger”

Floor Exercise” is a third, free standing sculpture. of Nastia’s gymnastic prowess

(Click on the links to view the magnificent details of these figures.)


Dan teaches two sculpture classes at the Quincy Art Association:

Life-size terracotta portrait sculpture

Quarter-scale terracotta figure sculpture


Dan attributes much of his success in sculpture to his accomplished teachers: Amanda Annis, Soli Regna, Sue Chism, Bruno Lucchesi, Ralph Helmich, Anthony Antonio, Don Gale, Kim Monson, Dan Edwards, Jeremy Davis, and Pablo Eduardo.  

He is a continuing education student at perhaps the most renowned school of representational figure sculpture in the United States:  Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts in Old Lyme, Connecticut.

Artist at work

A 55-minute DVD entitled, “The Art and Sculpture of Daniel A. Myers III” magnificently displays most of his work, his studio, and the creation process from first sketch to final sculpture. It was produced by John Campbell, noted Disney computer graphic artist. You can purchase this DVD for $10

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Portrait by Kris Kreitman